Born as a solution to a real world problem, Plend has always been heavily impact driven. Striving towards our mission to create a more financially inclusive world, Plend offers a gateway to a brighter future for the millions of people locked out of affordable credit. We are continuously evolving and growing our impact driven initiatives, including the groundbreaking Social Credit initiative and The Freedom Fund, which actively confront the poverty premium and champion a fairer future.

Alice Tapper, Head of Impact, Plend



It’s why we started Plend – we care passionately about looking beyond the old school way of assessing customers.


We believe in a world that’s inclusive, celebrates diversity and treats everyone fairly and with respect.


We understand how important your financial health is in building a happy life.


You don’t have to settle for the status quo, we’re building a better tomorrow for you. 
"Plend is the future, I got accepted when everyone else said no. Goodbye payday loans and high interest credit cards.I got myself into a cycle of high interest credit due to my own mistakes nearly 6 years ago, no one helped me with a debt consolidation and I gave up hope until I found plend. I can’t thank you enough. I'm truly over the moon that the money I was wasting on high interest credit will now be saved towards my family holidays etc, once signed the money was in my account within an hour."