The current loan system is a game of chance, a postcode lottery. That’s not fair. So we built our own proprietary technology.

Why? Open banking powered credit opens doors. With a view of accurate affordability data and real spending habits, The PLEND Score® enables us to unlock the best rates on the market for each borrower’s personal financial situation.


No more guessing based on your postcode, profession or past. The PLEND Score® pulls real data through open banking to open doors.
Powered by AI & open banking
Tested on 1 million companies+ and 50,000 customer accounts
Developed by credit risk experts
Letting us lend longer term loans from £1,000 – £15,000 at 4-25% APR
Unlocking market-tailored data insights
Saving the average borrower £1,850 compared to existing solutions


If you’ve got a high value product and you’re looking to offer finance to your customers who don’t want to pay in full, there’s a great chance you’ll be suitable for our B2B plug-in - giving consumers access to a sustainable Plend loan at point of sale.

We’re already a trusted partner of MakeMyHouseGreen, enabling more people across the UK to get the best green energy products for their homes.



We’re taking no chances and working with best in class partners and investors to deliver a personalised solution that is tried, tested and ready to change the loan game, for good. Together we’re tackling financial exclusion across the UK.