For the millions of people in financially vulnerable circumstances, a small sum of money repaid at 0% can make a huge difference. However, access to affordable credit remains a big issue - research shows that around 7.1 million people fall into the category of ‘financially excluded’.
In 2022, we began a pilot initiative, alongside Robert Owen Community Bank, and Purple Shoots, in Wales to see if an interest-free loan can meaningfully improve an applicant’s financial position by the end of the loan term. These loans are being made available to individuals in Wales who apply for a loan through Plend or one of our partners, but whose applications we would otherwise not be able to accept.
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Following the success of the Social Credit Cymru pilot, we have expanded The Interest Free Loan into England and Scotland in order to help more people access affordable credit. We are operating the scheme on a not-for-profit basis with a focus on providing affordable credit to people across the UK who are traditionally locked out from accessing it.


A pilot initiative supporting individuals who have been victims of domestic, financial and economic abuse. The Freedom Fund offers zero and low-interest loans to survivors to help them leave abusive relationships and support them in starting a new life. Funding secured from the Aviva Foundation is dedicated to funding The Freedom Fund, ensuring more survivors can access the crucial financial support they need.


Our green finance product is part of our commitment to responding to the climate crisis, providing affordable loans to customers financing green energy updates in their homes. Through our partnership with MakeMyHouseGreen, customers can make impactful changes to reduce both their energy bills and their carbon footprint.



What is social credit?

Social Credit is a registered community interest company dedicated to funding and developing social impact initiatives. Social Credit aims to empower marginalised communities and promote social mobility via the use of low-cost and zero-interest credit.

How is Plend involved?

Plend created Social Credit CIC as a dedicated capability in order to elevate our social impact and work towards our goal of creating a financially inclusive UK.

How do I apply for an Interest Free Loan?

The Interest Free Loan by Social Credit is being made available to people who apply for a loan with Plend or one of our partners but whose applications we would otherwise not be able to accept. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to apply for an interest-free loan directly.

I’ve got financial problems, where can I go for help?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re struggling with your finances at the moment. If you have an existing loan with us that you need support with - please don’t hesitate to reach out to us either via email at, or via our live chat platform here.

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If you are particularly worried about your finances or feel that they're getting on top of you, it might be worth speaking to a free debt advice charity such as StepChange. They have 24/7 services to assist you in your current circumstances. Talking to them will not affect your credit score.You can reach them here: StepChange